7 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Home Interior with Plants

Designing indulges ways to curate the best out of what’s in hand. Decorating the interior of your home or workplace adds a sense of comfort and pleases everyone’s mind.

Designers have been fondling a lot of ways to add an aesthetic touch to the interior. Amongst all these ways including furniture, rugs, etc. Plants have a separate place in their mindsets.

Along with adding an aesthetic value to the ambiance, plants also benefit us in many other ways. Like by reducing the toxins in the air and improving the air quality.

Also, it is believed that plants energize the mind and facilitate healthy sleep. Nature enthusiasts love to add plants while planning designs for their interior.

So here are 7 unique ways to decorate your home interior or enhance the beauty of your place with plants.

1. Use “Plant Shelfies” to decorate your home interior

plant shelfies  for your home interior

Shelfie is generally an Instagram definition that comes from blending the words SHELF and SELFIE, especially when the image portrays a plant on a rack.

Instagram and Pinterest are loaded up with Plant Shelfie thoughts. Plant designing racks and shelves with plants and plant-related pictures make a substantially more helpful and loosening up climate, instead of gazing at a bustling rack loaded up with books spines of each tone and thickness.

A rack with plants and picture outlines has more depth and receptiveness contrasted with a strong mass of books. You can go for white shelves and walls with natural green, contrasting pots, etc.

2. Carts are the new pots!

carts are the new pots

Why not a pot but a cart? Since it’s a twofold surface to put your plants on. It has wheels so without much of a stretch be moved.

You can purchase mirror glass carts for yet another amazing touch to your plants.

There are a variety of options available to decorate your home interior with plants on the internet including antique carts too.

Apart from providing your plants with a twofold surface so that you can expand the number of plants, it also adds elegance to your ambiance with its decontextualized usage. 

3. Go for Open Terrarium plants for home interior

OpenTerrarium plant for your home interior

Individuals love terrariums because they coordinate the living segment of the plants with the designing parts of the holder, layering of materials, and beautifying rocks.

Some terrariums are mixed with pixie nurseries to engage the more youthful groups.

They can be purchased effectively made or in units to acquire or you can make your own without any preparation picking every segment.

Few out of every odd plant is appropriate for a terrarium however on the off chance that the goal is to make low support, yet lovely living stylistic theme thing, succulents are your best up-and-comers.

4. Closed Terrariums are in!

Closed Terrariums

Such Terrariums are so captivating, for their excellence, yet in addition to the science behind it! This is another fascinating task you can do.

Do you know Closed Terrariums make their water cycle? Consequently, Closed Terrariums are an ideal plant enriching thing for your home on the off chance that you would prefer not to invest an excess of energy watering and keeping up your plants.

There are countless various approaches to make Closed Terrariums! The most widely recognized sorts are Bottle Terrariums, Apothecary Jar Terrariums, and glass Cloche Terrariums. 

5. Kokedama, a simple way to decorate indoor plants.

Kokedama plant for your home interior

Kokedama implies Moss Ball in Japanese. As far as I might be concerned, Kokedama are astounding bits of living workmanship.

While amassing Kokedama is precise work, keeping up and thinking about a Kokedama is genuinely simple. You should simply lower your greenery ball in a basin of water as regularly as is needed by the sort of plant you put in it. 

Kokedama can be shown on a table or hung. Numerous Kokedama is swung from the roof.

6. Cut flowers are basic yet attractive

Cut flowers

For a more limited term arrangement that requires less time and support than thinking about a plant, consider utilizing cut blossoms to add a little life to your space.

Notwithstanding being less tedious, blossoms can likewise be the more affordable alternative, contingent upon how frequently you decide to supplant them.

You can purchase a lot of cut blossoms for even a few dollars. In any case, the compromise is that they don’t keep going up as compared to a pruned plant (in a perfect world), so on the off chance that you decide to consistently supplant the blossoms as they whither the expense can add up.

Supplanting your blossoms nonetheless can be an incredible method to switch up the vibe of your room without an excessive amount of cost or exertion. 

7. How about Hanging herbs?

Hanging herbs plant for your home interior

There are quite a few fun and imaginative approaches to carry plants into the various territories of your home.

The most ideal ways join the stylish magnificence of the greenery and additionally blossoms with the usefulness of the plant in manners that permit the plant to not just add to the vibe of the space yet also be of some utilization — like having lavender plants in a home office to help pursue pressure away.

Another extraordinary thought is to have a hanging spice garden in the kitchen.

Utilizing little planters it’s conceivable to keep an assortment of superb, new spices in your kitchen that won’t just embellish the space, they’ll add another scramble of newness to your cooking too. 


Besides adding serenity to the environment plants have other benefits too. There are lots of ways you can decorate your home interior with plants. These may even include decreasing your blood pressure. So next time you decide to renovate your space to go for indoor plants.

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