Every house design is the signature of its owners of their style and values they believe in. I n the quest of the fine Nair’s family has been looking to design their newly bought flat into a beautiful abode. It took some time for their shyness to go away and truly express their desires , thats when our experienced designers helped them step by step to de clutter their thought process.

The like and dislikes along with functional requirements coming along and putting everything in sync was quite a bit of the work. Some of the excerpts from the project

Scope: Entire design build services , with civil and furniture works, everything built from scratch

Furniture: Veneer with PU and Lamination finish ,latest designs

Flooring/Cladding :Italian Marble , Designer Tiles , Composite Marbles etc

Others :Designer Lights , Fabrics , Upholstery etc

Budget: Call to Explore
Designer: 5 ELEMENTS team
Location  – Mumbai, India

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