10 gorgeous examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is an amalgamation of simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. It’s been popular since 1950 but still has a significant position in the world of interior designing.

It is all about using natural materials, for instance, hemp or wood. Also, it is believed that it is influenced by a connection with nature.

It aims at combining natural abstraction, shapes, and usage of natural characteristics.

1. Warm textiles for cold regions Scandinavian design

Warm textiles for cold regions Scandinavian interior design

Most of the countries in the Scandinavian zone have climates with exceptionally cold temperatures.

This makes up for the reason that the use of such textiles is popular in this form. These textiles can come in the form of wool, sheepskin, or mohair throws and carpets. 

Accessorizing with warm textiles, particularly during winter, helps to make a Scandinavian room feel comfortable and warm.

2.  Accessories for a Scandinavian feel

Accessories for a Scandinavian feel

Scandinavian interior design is all about simplicity. Therefore, select certain decorative accents that have basic designs when it comes to decorating a Scandinavian living room. 

You may go for ceramic vases or lamps that go with the Scandinavian form of interior design.

3. Opt for fresh flowers or plants

To have a vibrant element of color and elegance in your interior, ask your interior designers to help with how to incorporate natural elements into your Scandinavian interior design.

Consider indoor plants and fresh flowers to accentuate the look. Interior designers believe that in any Scandinavian home, fresh flowers are a requirement.

4. Wood with Metal is aesthetic

Wooden elements can be used for flooring also along with fixtures and furnishing in a Scandinavian way.

If you look at a Scandinavian-themed home, you would find wooden coffee chairs and tables. But as per the latest trend, wood is often blended with a metal finish.

5. Give your interior a clutter-free look

Give your interior a clutter-free look

The clutter-free look is the most important aspect of Scandinavian design. Thus, try to minimize the use of clutter for your interior.

Also, the smart arrangement is a must. Follow less is more rule if you want to make your room look appealing in Scandinavian style.

6. Light coloured flooring is appealing

Give your interior a clutter-free look

Scandinavian architecture would not cater to the wall-to-wall carpeting. The flooring, either in its natural light color or painted white, is typically made of light hardwood materials.

A brilliant idea for your Scandinavian style is laminated light flooring. Though exuding a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere, the flooring will make any Scandinavian home look brighter and more spacious.

7. Minimal window treatments

Minimal window treatments

The Scandinavian interior is also about more space and allowance of plenty of light to get in. Window treatments have to be kept at a bare minimum and light must not be blocked.

To cover your windows, choose sheer curtains. Go for light fabrics that match your room’s walls.

8. Proper lighting is crucial

Proper lighting is crucial

In Scandinavian interior design, the way lighting is used is very important as the countries in that region enjoy very fewer daylight hours.

Various forms of lighting must be used to provide your room with adequate illumination. If you read about Scandinavian home layout, it comes out that lighting also sets the mood.

9. Functionality and feature

Functionality and feature Scandinavian interior design

Usage of clean lines is obvious in Scandinavian decor. It gets its modern touch from the smooth edges of chairs, tables, sofas, and the rest of the furniture.

The functional and innovative use of space makes it unique. You may find multi-level shelving and other such examples of saving space.

10. Neutral colors are soothing

Neutral colours are soothing

Scandinavian decor is associated with some specific colors including white, brown, grey, and black. While decorating a room in Scandinavian style this point must be kept in mind.

Neutral colors give a soothing and clean impact and so are specifically used in the Scandinavian decor.


You can use these examples and create a look for your home that incorporates all elements of Scandinavian interior design. This form of interior design is age-old and adds beauty along with the touch of relaxation to your interior.

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