Design Build Services

Design Build Services

Design and Build Services takes care of the project right from the inception of the project till it is handed over successfully and satisfactorily to the end client. The project can be that of any residence , office , showroom, restaurant , hotel , factory etc.

Gone are the times when people use to hire an architect/interior designers , contractors from reference of friends or relatives. People trust professional companies now who can guarantee the work to get accomplished as per the price , timeline and good quality.

Design build is a broad set of services which can be divided into two parts i.e. Design Deliverables and Project Deliverables

design deliverable

This is an important deliverable which remains constant throughout the project. Interior designers understand the client requirements and taste to propose the design options. The costing team meantime prepares the complete quotation to help understand the budget of that deliverable. During the ongoing project plan and elevation drawings form the deliverable for site execution team. These drawings are required to give the proper work front to the site team. The quality checklist is another deliverable to help attain the best in quality delivery

site execution

Once everything is finalised our skilled team takes in the site execution works with proper planning and labour mobilisation, we have an in house team to keep the activity monitored to keep the project on track. In this phase of the project, a lot of action takes place on ground zero. Our entire team is skilled workers who are masters of their craft. You just sit back and relax, In case you have any concerns, we provide you with a warranty on the workmanship and guarantee on the product used.

Design and Build Steps

Design and build services encompass a lot of steps from concept to end delivery of the project. Following are the basic steps to have your fully designed residential or commercial place ready.

  • Make an appointment to reach our design team
  • Our experienced designer will gather all your requirements and taste and present concept presentation and layouts
  • Our proposal team will work on your detailed quotation with the complete scope
  • Once the deal has sealed the site execution will prepare the complete work schedule which will be linked to the payment milestones
  • Our Modular team in parallel will  produce high-quality furniture in our in house factory
  • Once the site works are complete and all installations are over, we do a complete quality check attend the snags and give you a clean and tidy place to enjoy

1. I can not guarantee to award you work as I am contemplating other options as well?

We respect and understand your thought process. We always believe in adding value, if you are already in contact with any other agency no issues we can still associate with you and can provide you with a complete quotation and other decision-making clarity at a very nominal refundable cost.

2. How much does it cost?

To arrive at a cost is the detailed process depending on the complete scope of works, however, you cant still explore our cost finder service to receive a customised detailed quotation within minutes, it’s even simpler than creating your account over any social media. One thing amazing about it is that it’s FREE..!!

3. I know the designer whose work I have seen and is recommended by friend/relative, why should I choose you?

Yes, we understand that getting someone from reference feels comfortable, but it’s a double-edged sword, what if the documentation is not clear, what about costing exercises, quality checks and so many things. We, on the other hand, are a professional company who likes to keep everything transparent and put up everything in front of you. We know we have come on board due to merits and hence we abide by our code of ethics and responsibility.

4. What is your organisation structure and your way of working?

Ours is a partnership company and we have in house designers as well as associates with a good amount of experience in this field. We also have in house project management team who allocates dedicated site in charge to control the site and project manager to audit the site and keep you updated about the progress. We have the production manager from the factory who looks into your timely production of modular furniture.

4. What is the post handover services you provide

We provide a warranty on workmanship and guarantee on products for up to five years. We also have complimentary annual maintenance for 2 years to keep you place as new as the first day of handover.

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