7 Wooden False Ceiling Design Inspiration

Plain ceilings were a thing of the past. colors or no colors, ceilings are not going to look attractive unless you add some detailing to them. Currently, enormous false ceiling designs are present to make ceilings look attractive.

Wooden false ceiling design provides your room with a classic touch. It gives your room a luxurious as well as modern look. There are many ways in which wood can be used to highlight your ceiling, 7 of them are highlighted here.

1. Magic and Metal false ceiling

Magic and Metal wooden false ceiling

The accent of wood and warm metal for a touch of shimmer can be used for that classic touch. Much like wood combined with warm metal accents, nothing spells elegance. The dining area is illuminated by elegant pendant light fixtures connected to the false ceiling. This brings a touch of glitter to your interiors.

2. Recessed lights ceiling design for living room

Recessed lights

As seen in this elegant lounge room, recessed lighting will boost the look of your wooden ceiling accents. These lights, easily mounted in wooden false ceilings, will beautifully illuminate your space. Consequently, suspended chandeliers can be added to beautifully brighten each region.

3. LED can be the highlights

LED wooden false ceiling

For a soft glow, add LED lights to your ceiling. LED lights can be embedded in the wooden false ceiling. This would cast a soft glow, creating a mellow and restful atmosphere suitable for family gatherings. These LED lights are your best bet when you do not want harsh lighting at home.

4. Dive into Dimensions

Dive into Dimensions

Defining space on the ceiling with wooden paneling is amazing. Wooden paneling over your room’s ceiling helps create a more established room. Looking up to the comfort of a wooden ceiling when you enjoy a meal or sleep is also cozy.

5. Place with lattice

Place with lattice

Lattice-work wooden ceiling panels can be a very interesting addition to any room, combined with the right form of concealed lighting. These can, however, be custom-made to suit your taste in various patterns. Subsequently, the room would look more imposing by applying this to your entrance.

6. Go for rafters

rafters wooden false ceiling

Build a typical atmosphere with rafters with wooden ceilings.

Another way to add a note of refinement to your interior is to add wooden rafters. Therefore, you can have the entire ceiling covered by these or use them to highlight just a part. Also, this living room had rafters built to create a charming traditional atmosphere.

7. Plain ceiling is a big no

Plain ceiling

Using a wooden ceiling within a groove to give a tasteful texture is distinctive. There is no need for your wooden ceiling to be plain. Afterward, to add more visual appeal, you can opt for a textured one made of planks or position it in a groove.


Apart from accentuating the look of your ceiling, good has other benefits also as it absorbs sound, provides strength, saves energy, and is eco-friendly. You may consider POP ceilings too but once you get bored with them it is hard to replace them. With the wooden ceiling, the case is not the same. So, next time you think of adding a modern touch to your room don’t forget the ceiling.

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